Nurturing the Shy Child

Practical Help for Raising Confident and Socially Skilled Kids and Teens

Do you worry that your child is too shy?

Does your child sit on the sidelines, often avoiding group activites?

Does your child feel nervous when being called on by the teacher, giving a report in class or reading aloud?

Does your child complain of "butterflies" in the stomach, dizziness, shaky hands or blushing?

Do you wish you knew how to help your child break out of his or her shell?

With the right kind of care and attention, every child has the chance to overcome his or her shyness. Nurturing the Shy Child provides parents, teachers, guidance counselors and other concerned adults with the latest information and practical tools that they need to help shy and socially anxious kids. This book covers the entire shy spectrum-from shyness in only certain situations to social anxiety disorder-and provides proven methods adults can use to ease the child's discomfort, tailored to specific ages and levels of anxiety.

Unlike other books on shyness, Nurturing the Shy Child also offers much needed information on problems that can go along with shyness and social anxiety, including depression, school anxiety, separation anxiety, excessive worry, selective mutism, and more.

Written by psychologists Barbara and Gregory Markway, co-authors of Painfully Shy and respected experts in the field, this book's sensible and reassuring tone goes a long way toward preventing needless suffering in children and offers their parents some long-overdue hope.